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Features MathMagic XTension MathMagic Personal Ed. MathType®
Graphic User Interface Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Formatting Yes Yes Yes
WYSIWYG Editing Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility with QuarkXPress High Low Low
Default fonts(TrueType) Many Many Less
PostScript fonts Yes No No
Drag&Drop with other Apps No Yes No
Available for Windows No Yes(in H2 2002) Yes
Fine adjustment for Templates Yes Yes Limited
Color Trapping Yes No No
2-Byte Character in Equation Yes Yes No
Definition of Spacing width More More Less
Preference Set Yes Yes Yes
MathML Not yet Not yet Not yet
Macro support Yes Yes Yes
EPS Export Yes Yes Yes
TeX Export Yes Yes Yes
TeX Import Yes No No
PICT/JPEG/GIF Export Yes Yes Yes
Baseline Savvy Equation Yes(in Quark) Yes Yes
Multiple Undo/Redo Yes Yes No
Font & Size Changes Flexible Flexible Limited
Visual Keyboard shortcuts Good Best Good
Nudge movement of selection Yes No Yes
Features are based on MathMagic XTension v2.x, MathMagic Personal Edition v2.x, and MathType® 3.7 on Macintosh platform.
  1. Easy User Interface

2. Wide Range of Quality Fonts


3. Productivity & Compatibility


4. Optimized for the high-end Desktop Publishing


5. Customizable

  6. Comparison Chart
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