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Pro for QuarkXPress 5&6
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XT for QuarkXPress 3~4
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Prime Edition
  • User can manage their own spacings, sizes, and styles within the Preference set as many as needed.
  • Preference sets can be stored in the MathMagic database and can be shared with other collaborators for the same editing style.

  • Users can enter any units in most cases: pt, Q, in, mm, cm, and %
  Custom Palettes
  • Any forms of mathematical expressions can be added to the Macro palette, and also can be assigned with customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Any templates or symbols can be added to the User palette along with user-customizable keyboard shortcut.
  Custom Fonts
  • We provides custom font development for your specific requirements at a reasonable cost.
  1. Easy User Interface

2. Wide Range of Quality Fonts


3. Productivity & Compatibility


4. Optimized for the high-end Desktop Publishing


5. Customizable

  6. Comparison Chart
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