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MathMagic follows the Macintosh human interface and it is just another Mac software like a wordprocessor. If you are a Mac user, that is enough.

MathMagic does all the equations Magic. We are sure that you will love MathMagic at a glance even though you don't like Math.

  High productivity  

With the intuitive WYSIWYG interface of MathMagic, and with the Marco and User palettes, you can get the work done upto 10 times faster along with better quality.

  EPS Export  
  MathMagic can export your works as EPS format for use with other graphic or DTP applications.
  PICT & GIF Export
  MathMagic can also export your works as PICT or GIF format, for use with other productivity applications or web graphics.
  TeX Support
  MathMagic supports both Import and Export of the mathematical expressions written in TeX.

You can smoothly work together with the professional authors and work on scientific articles, books, and journals without any additional converts or headaches.

  Database & Internet Support
  When you need to store equations in a database for web publishing or future usage, MathMagic can help you with a simple customization.

We will add more compatibility with other formats and expand the connectivity to other software or internet.

  1. Easy User Interface

2. Wide Range of Quality Fonts


3. Productivity & Compatibility


4. Optimized for the high-end Desktop Publishing


5. Customizable

  6. Comparison Chart
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