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Version History

MathMagic XTension v2.6
Revision of document: 22
Date of Release: March 15, 2006

* v2.6 - March 15, 2006
  • Added: Sum(Sigma) symbol can be selected from either Western & Eastern shape.
  • Added: Preferences menu has a shortcut key.

  • Changed: Authorization dialog is revised.
  • Changed: Revised, newer version of MathMagic fonts included.

  • Fixed: Some symbol palettes have revised symbols.
  • Some other small bugs fixed.
* v2.55 - January 24, 2005
  • Fixed: Nudged equations have wrong baseline when priting although they look good on screen.
  • Fixed: Both inline graphic equation and floating equation box have problems with WYSIWYG printing when Nudge is applied somethere in the equation.
  • Fixed: When multiple equations are inserted in a line, the length of Inline equations in a text line gets longer or shorter as it goes to the right.
  • Fixed: Exported EPS files from within MathMagic XTension window were not displayed in Mac OS X's Preview utility.
* v2.54 - November 18, 2003
  • Added: More view rates are supported: 300%, 800%, 1600%, 3200% are added.
  • Added: More margin is added to the equation box so that the equation edges are not truncated in some cases.
  • Added: More function names are added to be recognized as Function style. All the function list are now: Im, Pr, Re, arccos, arcsin, arctan, arg, bmod, cos, cosec, cosh, cot, coth, cov, csc, deg, det, dim, exp, gcd, glb, hom, imz, inf, injlim, int, ker, lg, lim, liminf, limsup, ln, log, max, min, mod, pmod, projlim, rez, sec, sin, sinh, sup, tan, tanh, varinjlim, varliminf, varlimsup, varprojlim.
  • Changed: MMEnvironmentDB folder is moved to Prefereces folder from QuarkXPress folder and the unexpected change of the saving location to Desktop folder is fixed as well.
  • Changed: Arrow head is changed and sharpened more.
  • Fixed: When the background color of the text box is None, or with PANTONE color or CMYK, the equations are missing from the output.
  • Fixed: Arrow line is disappeared on screen when the arrow is thin.
  • Fixed: Line thickness of Root templates were printed thinner than the value defined in the Define Spacing settings.
  • Fixed: Small slashed fraction template is changed to big one after saving and reopening
  • Fixed: Left margin of the text box in the vertical division templates was fixed even though the view rate is changed.
  • Fixed: The bar thickness of small fraction templates is adjusted.
  • Some other small bugs fixed.

* v2.53 - July 11, 2003
  • Authorization schedule is changed from InterLok™ engine to its own.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Template(cmd-T), Symbol(cmd-K), and Greek(cmd-G) characters are now synchronized to MathMagic Application's. Complete shortcut keys table is included in the installer in PDF format.
  • Keyboard Shortcut keys are now more compatible with non-US QWERTY keyboards and works better with European keyboard layouts.
  • "Make Default" button of Define Style dialog window is now working for all font styles
  • More optimized for speed and memory
  • Some UI retouched
* v2.52 - August 3, 2002
  • Factory setting values of Define Spacing dialog have been adjusted for better quality.
  • Factory settings button is added to the Define Style and Define Size dialog window
  • Lower index box of Integral has been adjusted to move to the left for better gap
  • Right side box of Diagonal Fraction has been adjusted to move to the left for better gap
  • Down side box of slope Fraction has been adjusted to move to the left for better gap
  • More accurate checking for Nudge values
  • Some bugs fixed in printing with a certain style of equations
  • Arrow+shift key’s behavior is adjusted
  • Save As menu item is enabled only when the window contents are changed
* v2.5 - February 20, 2002
  • Added more than 30 symbols in the Symbol palettes
  • Added many shortcut keys for frequently used Templates and Symbols.
  • Added new menu items:
    - 6pt & 11pt under Size menu
    - Nudge directions under Format menu
    - Template(command-T) & Symbol(command-K) shortcut key starting signal menu item under Edit menu
  • Assigned new shortcut keys to Plain, Bold, Italic item under Style menu; Other under Size menu
  • Added 2 more Save As formats: "PICT 400%" & "GIF 400%"
  • Added 'cosec' as a function name for automatic recognition
  • Added "Factory settings" button in Define Spacing dialog
  • Changed several Factory setting values for better editing quality
  • The PDF document of MathMagic User Guide is revised.
  • Changed a few editing keys’ behavior: cmd-up arrow, cmd-down arrow, cmd-shift-up, cmd-shift-down, ...
  • And several other minor bugs fixed.
  • Demo version has a limitation that can not create/open more than 15 equation boxes per launch.
  • The first commercial upgrade to the previous users since version 1.0 released in 1988.
    (Free upgrade if he/she bought after August 21, 2001).
* v2.1.5
  • Changed the registration scheme. Those who purchased earlier versions need to contact customer support team for the new registration code.
  • Fixed "incorrect printout" issues.
  • Changed the creator of exported EPS images to Adobe Illustrator.
* v2.1.3
  • Fixed a number of print-related problems
  • Fixed inability to enter decimal digit numbers in "Define Spacing" or "Define Size"
* v2.1
  • Added 3 new templates.
  • Added a new font set.
  • Color is supported. Color floating window and Color menu are added.
  • Added unit-popup menu features in preference dialogues.
  • Added 3 new styles in “Define Style” feature.
  • Fixed system crash while opening documents created with earlier versions of MathMagic XT.
  • Fixed system crash while converting TeX samples.
  • Fixed the cut-off of static text when entering Font size.
  • The shape of radicals are modified when applying the full size of radicals in millimeter.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut conflicts. (COMMAND + SHIFT + M)
  • Fixed a strange bug displaying Font menu within “Save As...” dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug changing the unit to pt(Point) when pressing Tab right after changing full size in millimeter.
* v2.0.5
  • Fixed problem when printing documents created using previous versions of MathMagic
  • MathMagic default values were not applied to the converted TeX.
  • Fixed the icon conflicts.
  • Modified MathMagic fonts.
* v2.0
  • Added new font sets (MMCEnturyOld, MMCenturyOldE, MMCenturyOldK, MMCenturyOldO, MMCenturyOldS, MMTextBook, MMGreek)
  • Added Nudge function
  • Added Preference Set feature
  • Now supports GIF Export
  • Extended options for a bunch of spacings.
  • Added automatic-shrink feature for an equation box based on its content size
  • Extended functions of matrice to support
  • Now supports wide range of units
  • Added new templates (Box, Negate, Fences)
  • Fixed the shape of the variable arrows
  • Dramatically improved the overall stability
  • Improved the backward compatibility with Mac OS 7.x
  • Now protects the open documents when the memory is insufficient.
Version History for v1.0 ~ 2.0 is available as a text file when you install MathMagic XTensions.
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