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[Math+Magic]™ Personal Edition v4.0.7 for Mac

Version 4.0.7
Document Revision: 22
Date of Release: November 11, 2003

Thank you for choosing MathMagic, the ultimate equation editor on the planet!

MathMagic Personal Edition is a stand-alone equation editor application for editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with easy-to-use graphical interface and various powerful features.

This page contains the latest information regarding the current version of MathMagic Personal Edition.

* Key Features

Click here to see the key features of MathMagic Personal Edition.

* What's New (v4.0.7)
  • Added: Paste the equation PICT back from other software into the MathMagic editor window so that it can be edited again.
  • Added: added "Copy As TeX" under Edit menu.
  • Added: added more function names to be recognized automatically as Function style. All function names are now: Im, Pr, Re, arccos, arcsin, arctan, arg, bmod, cos, cosec, cosh, cot, coth, cov, csc, deg, det, dim, exp, gcd, glb, hom, imz, inf, injlim, int, ker, lg, lim, liminf, limsup, ln, log, max, min, mod, pmod, projlim, rez, sec, sin, sinh, sup, tan, tanh, varinjlim, varliminf, varlimsup, varprojlim
  • Added: 600% ~ 3200% view rate items are added the View menu so user can select it from menu bar as well.
  • Added: "Define Style", "Define Size", "Define Spacing" items are added to Style, Size, Format menu accordingly to make the settings more easily. These was removed since v3.0 but now restored them as v2.x.
  • Added: Color floating window now displays the RGB value of the selected color. The New color dialog displays both RGB(0~65535) and CMYK(0.0~100.0%) values for hight end users who need to handle exact color values.
  • Fixed: Preview and OK buttons were not working in StyleSet dialog window since v4.0.5 build.
  • Fixed: When exporting TeX names for functions were mismatched.
  • Fixed: Negate templates that are applied to characters had narrow gaps between neighbors.
  • Fixed: when Copying as PICT and pasting it into AppleWorks, the bounding box margin was not applied to the baseline information.
  • Fixed: Style information(like Function, Vector, Number, or so) is not maintained when copied if user manually apply other styles than MathMagic engine's default style.
  • Fixed: The gap between the first character and the left side in the vertical division templates stays same even though the view rate is changed.
  • Fixed: In the Misc tab window of Preferences dialog, the Copy&Paste rate is not saved when the application quits.
  • Fixed: when drag&drop a selection from the MathMagic window, the visually dragged image is enlarged when the Preferences->Misc->Copy rate is more than 100%.
  • Fixed: crashes when openning a document created with MathMagic XTension if the document contains any Negated template.
Please read Version History for the details.

* System Requirements
  • Power Macintosh running
    - Mac OS Classic: 8.6 or later. With CarbonLib installed.
    - Mac OS X: 10.1.3 or later.
  • 5MB of available memory
  • About 15MB of hard disk space for complete installation

* What is MathMagic, or [Math+Magic]™

MathMagic is an Equation editor for all users ranging from novices, students, teachers, higher education, and to the high-end desktop publishers.
It provides you with very easy user interface and yet powerful features in making equations. You can easily create every imaginable form of mathematical expressions with MathMagic.

MathMagic is available in a few different types:
  • MathMagic XTensions for QuarkXPress™
  • MathMagic Pro Edition + MathMagic Plug-in for Adobe InDesign™, for Mac OS X & Windows
  • MathMagic Personal Edition for Mac OS & Windows
  • Java application or Applet : Available only for Bundle or source licensing

Fully functional Trial versions are available for downloading at:

* Trial version can be switched to a full version when a serial number is entered into the authorization dialog. There is no separate installer or application for Trial version. One same regular installer and its installed application works as a trial mode if you do not enter a valid serial number.

* Pricing
  • Retail Full version: US$119.95.
    • 1-Year subscription: $79.95
    • 6-Month subscription: $49.95
    • Cross-grade: $70.00
    • Side-grade: $80.00
    • Twin-pack for Mac & Windows: $179.95
  • Academic Full version: US$69.95.
    • 1-Year subscription: $49.95
    • 6-Month subscription: $29.95
    • Academic Cross-grade: $40.00
    • Academic Side-grade: $45.00
    • Academic Twin-pack for Mac & Windows: $99.95
For the full pricing list, please visit our online store. For the site licensing or volume order, please contact us at

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* History of Older Versions
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