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Latest Version: 2.9 Preview
Revision: 10
Release Date: July 1, 2002

Please note that this is a Preview version that may have
- some stability problems: it may have serious bugs that can cause system crash
- compatibility issues: file format may not be compatible with the future final version
- feature changes: the final version may have a different interface or features from this Preview version

You may use this software at your own risk just like other Beta software or Preview versions. The developer does not warrant anything.

* Previous Version (v2.5.2)
If you are interested in the previous version, please click here.
If your MathMagic PE v2.5.1 is expired, please download v2.5.2 for more extension of period.

* What's New (v2.9 Preview)
  • v2.9 is a Preview version and expires on Sep. 30, 2002. Before it expires, we recommand you to download a newer version.
  • Carbonized for Mac OS X, which also works on Mac OS 8.6 or later. For now, the interface is more optimized for Mac OS X and there might be some layout problem with Mac OS Classic.
  • Many user interface items including buttons, dialog windows and others have been changed and improved. Buttons and palettes are now in color. So it may use more memory than old Black&White interface.
  • Main toolbar window is added as a floating window. Frequently used items are listed in the toolbar for easier access.
  • Template and Symbol pop-up menus are now detachable. Once detached, it resides there even after relaunch.
  • Macro tab is separated from the editor window’s tab list and changed as a floating Clip window. You can drag&drop equation from the editor window to the Clip window to register. You can also assign its name and Shortcut key to each equation.
  • User Item tab is separated from the editor window’s tab list and changed as a floating window. You may now compose your own toolbar which contains your favorite Templates and Symbols buttons by Cmd-Clicking on the popup menus or drag&drop from the detached palettes.
  • Preference window now include all settings in one window. Spacing, Size, Style, and Misc settings.
  • Window menu is added to manage all opened windows conveniently including floating windows.
  • View scale & Copy scale now supports 100% ~ 800%.
  • Main editor window now supports anti-aliasing of text if you turn it on at Appreance control panel.
  • Favorite menu is removed. And items registered in Macro tab & User Item tab are not supported in this Preview version. But we are considering to support them in the next release in Clipping floating window.
* System Requirements
  • Power Macintosh running
    - Mac OS Classic: 8.6 or later. With CarbonLib installed.
    - Mac OS X: 10.1.3 or later.
  • 5MB of available memory
  • About 10MB of hard disk space for complete installation

* About MathMagic Personal Edition

MathMagic Personal Edition is a stand-alone equation editor to create and edit any mathematical expressions and symbols with easy-to-use interface and various powerful features.

MathMagic product lines include XTensions for QuarkXPress and a stand-alone application called Personal Edition.
MathMagic Personal Edition 2.x are freeware versions for now that help general users to use mathematical expressions together with their favorite applications like Word processor, Web editor, or with MathMagic XTension as a supplement.

MathMagic XTension is a commercial version of MathMagic that allows professional publishers to create and edit any mathematical expressions within QuarkXPress.

MathMagic Personal Edition provides various feature sets as below:

Wide range of templates & symbols
  MathMagic covers almost all kinds of mathematical expressions ranging from elementary school level to the higher algebra. More and more types of mathematical expressions are being able to be created with just a few clicks.
Detachable floating palettes
User now can detach any Template/Symbol pop-up palettes as a floating palette window for easier frequent access.
Configurable User Items and Macro Clippings
User can register his/her own Templates/Symbols of frequently used items to the User Item palette for easier access. Just select each item while pressing Command key to register to the User item tab. Drag&Drop a seleted part of equation from the editor windodw to the Clip floating window to register.
Various Symbols
  Hundreds of symbols within about 40 fonts are ready to be used with the help of interactive symbol palette.
Rich choices of high quality font sets
  MathMagic provides high quality TrueType and PostScript fonts specially designed by professional font designers for wide range of choices for equation fonts.
Keyboard Support for Experienced users & Fast typers
  If you become familiar with MathMagic Personal Edition and you are about to type multi-lined equation sets, point-and-click is not the way to go. Instead, we implemented an extensive but easy-to-use method for creating any complex mathematical expressions with MathMagic. Various on-screen keyboard shortcuts are equivalent to clicking on the corresponding templates or symbols. There is no need to remember your custom keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the magic key - Option key - will display all the template shortcuts. Control-tab switches its palettes. MathMagic exclusive, very intuitive keyboard support!
Baseline-Savvy Equation
  Any mathematical expressions created using MathMagic Personal Edition will be aligned to the baseline of text. Since, AppleWorks recognizes the baseline of MathMagic equations.

Multiple Formats and High Compatibility

  Any mathematical expressions created using MathMagic Personal Edition can be inserted into your favorite applications such as wordprocessors, DTP applications or web authoring tools. MathMagic supports common image formats including GIF, JPEG, PICT and EPS for use with other software. Of course, MathMagic does support Copy/Paste for easy integration with other applications.
Drag & Drop Support
  In addition to its own advanced features, MathMagic Personal Edition supports drag and drop for executing your commands. Users can drag selection over the trash icon to delete it. Dragging into the desktop will create a picture clipping. Also, macros, user item and favorites can be dragged to the trash for removal purpose.
Quick and Easy switches for multiple environments.
  MathMagic Personal Edition provides an easy access to multiple predefined environments. A favorite contains any macros, user items and keyboard shortcuts. Clicking on a favorite button from the Favorite palette, your macros, user items and custom shortcuts will switch immediately to the other given set.
* Pricing
   MathMagic Personal Edition v2.9 Preview is a freeware.

If you have any question or need help, please contact us at

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