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Why [Math+Magic]TM ?
  • Intelligent WYSIWYG editor with automatic equation formatting
  • Various & flexible keyboard shortcuts for power users
  • Configurable User Item palette and Clip(Macro) palette for easier access and productivity
  • Smooth integration with other applications, such as Apple's Pages, Keynote, Numbers, AppleWorks®, Adobe InDesign®, or QuarkXPress®
  • Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste to other applications or windows
  • Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste back to MathMagic window to re-edit
  • Automatic file naming with macros for coninuous equation writings
  • Batch equation conversion from one format to another, and batch export from MS Word documents
  • Built-in supported for Google Docs equation and Zoho equation for easy sharing of equations
  • Many pre-defined Templates and Symbols in well-organized palettes that cover Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, and many other higher educations
  • Fine adjustment for Template shapes, gaps, and thicknesses with visual interface that meet complicated DTP requirements
  • Various formats for compatibility with other software and contents formats: EPS, GIF, JPEG, PICT, PDF, TeX, LaTeX, MediaWiki, and MathML
  • Read and Paste MathType™ equations
  • Wide range of quality fonts for mathematical symbols in OpenType and TrueType formats
  • Ability to adjust thickness, gaps, position, and size upto 2400dpi resolution
  • EPS and PostScript printing for highend users
Ease of Use
  • All graphic user interface
  • Multiple Undo and Redo
  • Magic option key to show users the live shortcut keys for all templates and symbols without memorizing
  • Multiple view rates(100~3200%) to view and edit equations sharply
  • Similiar User Interface with Equation Editor™ and MathType™ to reduce any additional learning cost
  • can type TeX expressions direclty in the MathMagic window followed by shift-return to convert it on the fly, if fluent in TeX
  • can paste LaTeX or MathML expressions to MathMagic window
  • can drag an equation from most Wiki web pages directly to MathMagic window

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