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Version History

v3.61 - Oct 16, 2022

  • Added: Several more Box and Frame templates are added to the Box Frame palette.

v3.5 - June 25, 2022
  • Added: Improved the stability and fixed some crashing issues.

v3.4 - May 15, 2022
  • Added: 6 more buttons added to the Under/Over Bars and Horizontal Fences Template palette.
    (2 double lines, 4 horizontal fences with sub-box)

v3.3 - April 17, 2022
  • Added: 8 more buttons added to the Negate Template palette.
    (4 Negate accents to the previous character, 4 Negate template boxes)

v3.2 - January 12, 2022
  • Added: Square Root Template palette has more template items.
  • Fixed: The last button (power of -1) of Subscript/Superscript palette casued an unexpected quit.

v3.1 - October 11, 2021
  • Changed: Tooltips of MathMagic keyboard removed.
  • Fixed: "See Result in WolframAlpah" was not working.
  • Fixed: Plus-minus sign of MathMagic keyboard entered Plus sign incorrectly.

v3.0 - October 15, 2020
  • Changed: Menu command items rearranged and some items are removed to simplify the menu commands.
  • Changed: The default keyboard is changed to the MathMagic keyboard from System keyboard for those devices with smaller screen.
  • Changed: New Android API level supported for better performance and better compatibility with newer OS versions.
  • Fixed: Some crashing issues while saving fixed.

v2.7 - June 25, 2018
  • Added: Button names added for commonly used items for compatibility with TalkBack reading.

v2.6 - May 5, 2018
  • Added: JPEG format is supported for saving.
  • Added: Cursor line thickness will adjust to the current View rate.
  • Fixed: Cursor was not updated sometimes after zooming.

v2.5 - January 15, 2018
  • Added: Added 3 frequently used keys(return, delete, space) as a button set on the top left toolbar with 3-stage switching mode.

v2.4 - December 18, 2017
  • Changed: the color of Selection marks changed to Pink for better recognition.
  • Fixed: a few symbols of MathMagic default keyboard, such as multiplication and division signs, did not enter as shown on the keycap.

v2.3 - March 5, 2017
  • Frequently used commands are displayed as button menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • "Nudge" menu added with left/right/top/bottom sub-buttons for moving the selection.
  • epsilon Greek symbol fixed.

v2.2 - June 13, 2016
  • "Share" menu added to help share equations with other Apps more easily.

v2.1 - March 14, 2016
  • More Templates added to Fences, Accents, Integrals, and Fractions palettes.
  • Products Template palette added.
  • Some Symbol palettes have additional items.
  • Some crashing bugs fixed.

v2.0 - December 15, 2015
  • Two palettes for Black Letters are appended to the Symbols toolbar
  • More symbols are added to most of the Symbol palettes except Arrow palette and Shape palette
  • Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations updated

v1.71 - March 25, 2015
  • "Hide keyboard" button at the bottom of the screen caused MathMagic to quit, instead of hiding the keyboard.
  • Onscreen soft keyboard not removed when quitted in Portrait mode.

v1.7 - March 9, 2015
  • Added Font Face, Font Size and Color pop-up menu for a selection to let user change equation size, font face and/or color.
  • Copy command is appended to the Pop-up menu when a selection is made.
  • Displays Paste button when pressed and hold for a while (without drag-selection) when there is something to paste in the Clipboard.
  • Fixed: Cursor line is no more blinking when something is selected.

v1.6 - May 28, 2014
  • Added 4 cursor moving key buttons to the left top corner to emulate Arrow keys and Tab key, which can be turned On / Off from the Preferences.
  • Toolbar display mode can now be selected from the Preferences: 1-row mode, 2-row mode, Automatic mode(1 row in Landscape mode, 2 rows in Portrait mode).

v1.5 - April 22, 2014
  • Added "Show Empty Slot" option to the Preferences.
  • Supports onscreen System default keyboard and external keyboard better.
  • "Math to Speech" reads some expressions better.

v1.4 - December 15, 2013
  • Built-in MathMagic on-screen keyboard buttons are now taller for easier finger typing on narrow screens.
  • "See Result in WolframAlpha" command added.
  • Fixed: Character size remained small when followed by a superscript or subscript box typing and then moved out of the script box with an Arrow button.

v1.3 - September 20, 2013
  • Copy & Paste of LaTeX expressions supported.
  • Saving in LaTeX supported (saving format can be selected from Preferences).
  • Reading LaTeX and Plain TeX files supported for math expressions.

v1.2 - January 14, 2013
  • Keyboard can be selected by user between MathMagic keyboard and System default keyboard, from the Preferences. System default keyboard may be useful for small screen devices such as smart phones.

v1.1 - August 18, 2012
  • Math to Speech button added to read out the current equation window or the selected part of the current window. Speech stops if the button pressed again.
  • Default fonts changed to MMaCenturyNew family, like MathMagic desktop versions.
  • PNG Image size can be specified by user: 100%~500%.
  • Lower Case Greek symbols are displayed in Italic by default.
  • Keyboard related issue fixed when changing the orientation of device.
  • Current keyboard status maintained even after switching to another app or changing the orientation.

v1.02 - July 16, 2012
  • Keyboard layout changed to have full sized left/right/top/bottom arrow keys.
  • Some key cap images changed - DEL key, Pi key, Square and Cubic template keys, Arrow keys.
  • Touch gaps added between key buttons to minimize typing errors on a small screen.
  • When orientation changed, the keyboard width was not updated immediately on phones sometimes.

v1.01 - July 7, 2012
  • First public release on Google Play market place.

v1.0 - Jun 30, 2012
  • First public release on web site.

v1.0b3 - June 19, 2012
  • Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese translation added.

v1.0b - May 27, 2012
  • First Beta release with a new product name "MathMagic Lite".

v0.1a - February 12, 2012
  • First Alpha test on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1".

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