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Latest Version: 2.5.5
Revision: 21
Release: January 24, 2005

Welcome to MathMagic XTension, the ultimate equation editor for the high-end desktop publishing.
MathMagic XTension provides you with very easy user interface and yet powerful features for editing and publishing technical documents and books.

This page contains the latest information regarding the current version of MathMagic XTension.


* Key Features


* What's New (v2.5.5)
  • Fixed: Nudged equations have wrong baseline when priting although they look good on screen.
  • Fixed: Both inline graphic equation and floating equation box have problems with WYSIWYG printing when Nudge is applied somethere in the equation.
  • Fixed: When multiple equations are inserted in a line, the length of Inline equations in a text line gets longer or shorter as it goes to the right.
  • Fixed: Exported EPS files from within MathMagic XTension window were not displayed in Mac OS X's Preview utility.

* What's New (v2.5.4)
  • Added: More view rates are supported: 300%, 800%, 1600%, 3200% are added.
  • Added: More margin is added to the equation box so that the equation edges are not truncated in some cases.
  • Added: More function names are added to be recognized as Function style. All the function list are now: Im, Pr, Re, arccos, arcsin, arctan, arg, bmod, cos, cosec, cosh, cot, coth, cov, csc, deg, det, dim, exp, gcd, glb, hom, imz, inf, injlim, int, ker, lg, lim, liminf, limsup, ln, log, max, min, mod, pmod, projlim, rez, sec, sin, sinh, sup, tan, tanh, varinjlim, varliminf, varlimsup, varprojlim.
  • Changed: MMEnvironmentDB folder is moved to Prefereces folder from QuarkXPress folder and the unexpected change of the saving location to Desktop folder is fixed as well.
  • Changed: Arrow head is changed and sharpened more.
  • Fixed: When the background color of the text box is None, or with PANTONE color or CMYK, the equations are missing from the output.
  • Fixed: Arrow line is disappeared on screen when the arrow is thin.
  • Fixed: Line thickness of Root templates were printed thinner than the value defined in the Define Spacing settings.
  • Fixed: Small slashed fraction template is changed to big one after saving and reopening
  • Fixed: Left margin of the text box in the vertical division templates was fixed even though the view rate is changed.
  • Fixed: The bar thickness of small fraction templates is adjusted.
  • Some other small bugs fixed.

* System Requirement
  • PowerPC based systems with MacOS 8.6 or higher
  • QuarkXPress 3.3x, 4.x
  • At least 2MB of available memory
  • 10MB of available hard disk space for full installation
* Pricing
  • MathMagic XTension 1 User Full: US$695.00
  • MathMagic XTension 1 User 1-year subscription: US$499.00
  • MathMagic XTension 1 User 6-month subscription: US$299.00
  • Multi-user packages are available(3 User: $1,500, 5 User: $2,100)

* Upgrade Prices

  • Customers who bought and registered MathMagic XTensions v2.5.x after Feb. 20, 2002, can upgrade to MathMagic XTensions v2.5 at no cost, FREE of charge.

  • Customers who bought and registered MathMagic XTensions v2.x earlier than Feb. 20, 2002, can upgrade to MathMagic v2.5 with the following upgrade cost.
    • MathMagic 1 User Upgrade: US$149.95
    • MathMagic 3 User Upgrade: US$299.95
    • MathMagic 5 User Upgrade: US$399.95

  • Customers who bought and registered MathMagic XTensions v1.x, can upgrade to MathMagic v2.5 with the following upgrade cost.
    • MathMagic 1 User Upgrade: US$299.95
    • MathMagic 3 User Upgrade: US$399.95
    • MathMagic 5 User Upgrade: US$499.95

  • Customers who bought MathMagic full version recently after August 2002, are eligible for FREE upgrade for 2-year from the date of purchase.

  • Upgrade is available directly from MathMagic online store and may not be available thru resellers.
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