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[Math+Magic ]™ Lite Edition for Mac OS X

MathMagic Lite v8.52
Date of Release: April 18, 2013

Thank you for choosing MathMagic, the ultimate equation editor on the planet!

MathMagic Lite is a FREE equation editor.
It is a stand-alone application for editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with easy-to-use graphical interface and various powerful features.
MathMagic Lite offers various symbols and templates for high school math and post-secondary math.
MathMagic Lite Edition works well with most word processors like iWork Pages, presentation software like Keynote or PowerPoint, iBooks Author, PhotoShop, Illustrator, and more, via Copy and Paste, Drag and Drop, or Exporting in SVG, PNG, PICT.

This page contains the latest information about MathMagic Lite Edition.

* Notice
  • Please read the Feature Comparison table to see the difference between MathMagic Lite and MathMagic Personal.

  • MathMagic Lite Edition is for personal use only.
    MathMagic Lite & included MathMagic fonts should NOT be used for any commercial purpose.
    Equations created with MathMagic Lite are not allowed in any commercial material or public contents.

* What's New (v8.52) - April 2013
  • Added: "Save As" dialog now supports saving in other formats as well as MathMagic native MMF. Saving directly to non-MathMagic formats are supported.
  • Added: Two shortcut keys added for LaTeX users and other equation editor users: '^' key makes a superscript box and '_' key (underscore) makes a subscript box, if not typed in the beginning of a box or in a LaTeX stream.
  • Added: "Use Line Drawing for Angled Fences" checkbox added to the Define Spacing - Fences pane to let user fine-control the line thickness and shape of some fences.
  • Added: Two more Sigma symbols added to Define Shape dialog -> Sum symbol shape.(Classic shape and Eastern Thin shape)
  • Added: Define Spacing -> Negate pane has two more settings: separate Under-hang and Side gap for more control over strike-thru lines.
  • Added: \cbrt for cube root and \qdrt for quad root expressions are recognized when reading LaTeX.
  • Added: Current Character Info area shows more info about Integral, Accents, and other large operator symbols when selected by option-click.
  • Added: MMVariable and MMaVariable fonts are replaced by MMVariable2 and MMaVariable2 for a better fence quality when stretched and overlapped.
  • Added: MMVariableA~D and MMaVariableA~D fonts are replaced by simple MMVariableF and MMaVariableF fonts.
  • Added: "Turn Off Anti-Aliasing for Text" option added to Preferences -> Misc tab, which is useful for Transparent PNG when the image is to be placed on a non-white background.
  • Added: Transparent PNG format is supported with an option to set the background color to White in the File - Import/Export Options dialog.
  • Changed: "Export" sub-menu options are combined into the Save As dialog. Default setting for Export path removed from the Import/Export Options - Path pane.
  • Changed: Some of the Factory Setting values changed to improve the equation quality.
  • Changed: The border lines are connected if two Rectangle Frames entered side by side.
  • Changed: The default values of Left margin and Right margin changed to 2 pt from 1 pt.
  • Changed: The gap between Frame templates is removed now so frames can be connected to the next.
  • Changed: The default Sum shape is changed to the newly added Western Classic style.

* What's New (v8.3) - Jan. 15, 2013
  • Added: "Change Integral Height" command added to Format menu to let user change the height of Integral symbol to Variable Height or Fixed Height without re-entering it.
  • Added: "Change Limit Position" commands added to Format menu.
  • Added: "Alignment Options" submenu with several menu items added to right-button clicked Contextual menu for easier applying.
  • Added: Show/Hide Cursor option added to View menu.
  • Added: \to supported and handled as \rightarrow when reading LaTeX expression.

* What's New (v8.0) - June 28, 2012

  • MathMagic Lite, the free version of MathMagic equation editor, is available for the first time.

  • The feature of MathMagic Lite =
  • the feature of MathMagic Personal, minus
    • Color equation editing
    • Batch Conversion of multiple files / folders
    • Nudge control
    • StyleSet
    • some high-end output options such as LaTeX, MathML, Wiki, EPS
      (Pasting-in and Reading of MathML and LaTeX still supported)
    • High View rate, High Export rate, High Resolution Export
    • Some Templates and Symbols not commonly used

  • And with
    • Automatic font installation and activation
    • No authorization required
    • Some limited MathMagic fonts bundled
    • and several other simplified UI and feature changes
* System Requirements
  • Intel Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later including 10.9 Mavericks
  • About 30 MB of hard disk space for a complete installation

* What is MathMagic, or [Math+Magic]™

MathMagic is an Equation editor for all users ranging from novices, students, teachers, higher education, and to the high-end desktop publishers.
It provides you with very easy user interface and yet powerful features in making equations. You can create every imaginable form of mathematical expressions with MathMagic easily and quickly.

MathMagic is available in a few different configurations:
  • MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign™ 2.0 ~ CS6, CC ~ CC2014
  • MathMagic Prime Edition for large publishers
  • MathMagic Personal Edition
  • MathMagic Lite Edition (Free Equation Editor)

Fully functional Trial versions of MathMagic Personal and Pro Editions are available for downloading at:

  • Trial version can be switched to a full version when a serial number is entered into the authorization dialog. There is no separate installer or application for Trial version. One same regular installer and its installed application works as a trial mode if you do not enter a valid serial number.
  • MathMagic Lite is Free so no Trial version availabe for MathMagic Lite.

For the full pricing list, please visit our online store. For the site licensing or volume order, please contact us at

* History of Older Versions
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