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1. Find an item
We offer all the MathMagic products details on the "Products" menu. Please find the right product for you.

2. Order
If you want to order an item, click the "Store" button under "Order" menu.

3. Using your shopping cart
After selecting an item you want to purchase, simply click the "Continue" button then you will be guided to your current shopping cart, where you can also specify how many copies you want to buy.
If you wish to buy another item, click the "Continue Shopping" button on the shopping cart page.

4. Removing and changing an item
Please enter the number of copies and click the "Update" button to change your quantity on the shopping cart page.
Please click the "Del" button to clear your order and make a new order.

5. Proceed to Check Out
If you are ready to purchase the item, click the "Check Out" button to proceed to the secure payment page.
After you click the "Check Out" button at the bottom of payment page, you will receive an email regarding your payment.

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