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Marketing Materials
MathMagic Price Table(US$) for End User (PDF)
MathMagic Feature Comparison chart(English, PDF)
MathMagic Equation samples(English, PDF)

MathMagic Pro Edition 1-page flyer (Mac&Win) (English, PDF)
MathMagic Windows 1-page flyer (Personal&Pro) (English, PDF)
MathMagic General FAQs (English, PDF)

MathMagic General AD (English, jpg)

MathMagic Font Sample (English, PDF)

MathMagic Products Brochure 2002(English, 6 JPEG images, sit)
MathMagic AD design for Apple Expo 2002(US, JPEG)
MathMagic Package&CD Display photo(JPEG)
MathMagic Personal Ed. Mac Package photo(EPS, sit)
MathMagic Personal Ed. Mac Package photo(JPEG)
MathMagic Personal Ed. Win Package photo(EPS, sit)
MathMagic Personal Ed. Win Package photo(JPEG)
MathMagic XTension Package photo(EPS, sit)
MathMagic XTension Package photo(JPEG)
Intro to MathMagic (Slides in PDF)
MathMagic Logo & BI Guidelines(English, PDF)
MathMagic Logo & Icon files, BI guidelines(JPEG, PNG, EPS)

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