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The [Math+Magic] Newsletter 2010.5, MathMagic 6.94 for Mac, 4.92 for Win available.
The [Math+Magic] Newsletter, 2010.5

It's been another 6 months since our last News Letter.
It looks we only have 2 Newsletters a year since most updates are posted on our Twitter page.


  • Microsoft Word documents(.doc, .docx) are supported
  • MathMagic Pro & Personal v6.94 for Mac OS X
  • MathMagic Pro & Personal v4.92 for Windows released, more to come
  • Handwritten equations recognized via the MoboMath for MathMagic
  • Updated InDesign CS4 plug-ins, QuarkXPress 8 XTensions available
  • Plan for CS5 plug-ins
  • 2010 Price table in PDF
  • What are we doing? Follow us on Twitter!

* Microsoft Word documents(.doc, .docx) are supported

If you have MS Word documents with equations and need to re-use those equations in your publication, MathMagic will help you save time.
MathMagic v6.9x for Mac and MathMagic v4.9x for Windows now come with "Batch conversion" of equations out of MS Word documents. MathMagic reads one or more of MS Word documents(.doc, .docx), extract all equations and save as external files for each equation, allowing you to choose the external format from any of MathMagic supported formats: PDF, EPS, PICT, JPEG, GIF, LaTeX, MathML, and others. MS Equation 3.0 equations, MathType equations, and MathMagic equations in MS Word documents are supported. Equations created using MS Word 2007's new Linear equation format not supported yet although we are going to support it by later this year.
You can also extract all other images as external files. Conversion list can be saved in the log file.

Here is the screen shot of the batch conversion dialog.

* MathMagic Pro & Personal v6.94 for Mac OS X

As mentioned above, MathMagic v6.94 supports the extraction and conversion of equations out of MS Word documents.
It also comes with other improvements and fixes made over the last 6 months, such as better handling of MathML and LaTeX, more Macros for file naming, support for Google Docs equations and Zoho Writer equations, copy & paste from/to MathType, re-editing of equations saved in GIF or JPEG, Contextual menu for right-clicking in the editor window, and others.

* MathMagic Pro & Personal v4.92 for Windows released, and more to come

The latest MathMagic v4.92 versions were posted on April 29 2010.
Batch conversion from/to many equation formats and files, such as EPS, JPEG, LaTeX, MathML, MS Word, MathType, Google Docs equation, Wiki equation, and more.
MathML and LaTeX converters improved as well. MoboMath handwritten equations supported.
If you are eligible for a free upgrade/update, please download the latest version from our download page.

* Handwritten equations recognized via the "MoboMath for MathMagic"

MoboMath is a handwritten equation recognition software for Windows, developed by Enventra, Inc.
We are glad to offer our customers a specially prepared "MoboMath for MathMagic" for MathMagic Windows users.
Full versions of MathMagic Personal and Pro Editions come with a free license of "MoboMath for MathMagic".
1-month or 6-month subscription license owners are not eligible for a free "MoboMath for MathMagic" although it can be purchased at a special price: US$14.95. Regular price of MoboMath is US$29.95.
If you have purchased or upgraded to a full version of MathMagic for Windows on April 1 2010 or later, please request your free copy here, within 6 months from the date of your purchase.

For more information about MoboMath, please visit

* Updated InDesign CS4 plug-ins, QuarkXPress 8 XTensions available

MathMagic CS4 plug-in for Mac version has more options in the Preferences.
Mainly Macros for the EPS file name field and for the EPS file location field.
Preview image can selectively added to EPS file as well.

MathMagic XTensions for QuarkXPress 8 for both Mac OS X and Windows now have Macros and other features in the Preference dialog.
Windows XTension also handles larger EPS files now.
The latest Mac XTension is included in v6.94 disk image, Windows XTension in v4.92 installer.

* Plan for CS5 plug-ins

As Adobe InDesign CS5 is available now, we are working on MathMagic CS5 plug-ins.
We hope to have it sometime by June ~ July time frame.
If you are interested in Beta testing when a beta version is ready, please contact us
If you have a suggestion or any specific feature request, please share it with us.

* MathMagic Price table for 2010 in PDF

The latest price table is always available here.

* What are we doing? Follow us on Twitter!

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Please note Twitter is not for an interactive customer support channel but mainly for our one-way broadcasting. For any questions and tech support issues, can be the best choice as always.

* About [Math+Magic]™

MathMagic is an Award-winning equation editor with powerful features and yet easy-to-use interface. MathMagic lets you write beautiful equations and symbols very easily and fast whether you are good at Math or not. Its equation quality is designed to meet the high-end DTP professionals' requirements.
MathMagic is designed to use with any word processors, DTP layout software, presentation, or graphic software. Equations can be used by drag&drop, copy&paste, or export/import.
MathMagic Pro Editions come with plug-ins or XTensions to let you write or edit equations right inside the InDesign or QuarkXPress documents without going through tedious export/import steps.
The superior quality and productivity of MathMagic has been accepted by many large publishers, professors, teachers, students, University press, online contents creators, research centers and governmental organizations in more than 75 countries around the world since its debut in 1998 at Seybold SF.

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