MathMagic Pro for InDesign for Mac OS X 다운로드 중...
   만약 10초 이내에 자동으로 다운로드가 진행되지 않으면, 아래 링크를 다시 클릭하시기 바랍니다:
Installer for v10.15 한글버전

Please unzip after downloading,
Mount the '.dmg' disk image, manually Drag "MathMagic Pro Edition" folder on to your /Applications/ folder to install it.
Then run MathMagic Pro application to let it install MathMagic Fonts.

... It is recommended to restart your computer after installing MathMagic Fonts ...

("MathMagic Fonts" folder is located in the MathMagic Pro application package. To open, right-button click on MathMagic Pro application -> "Show Package Contents", if you need to access the fonts.)

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